ESL Academic proofreading offers a range of competitive pricing options. All prices relate to total word count, excluding title and footnotes.

Basic proofreading

£0.018 per word

This package ensures the accuracy of your spelling, punctuation and grammar (including the third person singular ‘s’).

In-depth proofreading and editing (recommended for ESL students)

£0.024 per word

This option is recommended for students with English as a second language, as it includes:

  • a spelling, punctuation, and grammar check
  • a review of tense usage and consistency
  • sentence-level editing for better complexity and clarity
  • an increased variety of academic vocabulary
  • a guarantee of academic tone, including use of hedging phrases (might suggest, may indicate, etc.)
  • improved paragraph flow (including topic and concluding sentences)
  • word count reduction (if necessary), and
  • all changes fully tracked in Microsoft Word, with comments if necessary.

If I am unsure about the meaning of any section of text, I will ask for your clarification. If you decide to re-word any of these sections, I will proofread them again, free of charge.

Personalised English language review

£25 for a first text, £15 add-on to proofreading

If you wish, I will read a sample of your work and give you targeted, specific suggestions as to how you can improve your written English. This will include links and resources to help you.

How to pay

You will be sent a PayPal invoice by email, which you can pay securely using your own PayPal account, or most credit or debit cards.